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what prices being a pipe full to shake this let’s ballot so that takes more and is this method good about what do you think that asks me that while it’s good i guess all the information from the SOFA and they happy they have been audited to the information will be reliable yes but you know it is stop it is subject to manipulation but management especially by another company the time you complain much they try to revive these are top yes in wanted to argue a better price yes that happens quite a lot going to change the method value are you make straight from LIFO from a weighted average to fight for method as a result of its closing great mentor bodies actually images to argue a better price may.

Well it would be lost faking so from that perspective you are going to take that amount is the calculation of a part it would drive the step should i use the reason three years for that the Ospreys yes no because well if you’re going touche that one of the year that companies operating is just to be loss-making on payback and say that is no problem at all in this free years as a service provider type of assets.

Actually equal. and governments to borrow money from with the people that you and I over the long term for that we get a return bonds as I said our interest only launched along the money to the corporation and you get your money back typically in years interest is paid every. principal gets paid back at the end of the term that maturity and there’s a whole language is affiliated with bonds that we have to learn so let’s get started coupon is the interest payment you clip off the coupon essentially each and every.

And essentially turn that in and catch it in face value is the thousand-dollar price of the bond that you paid again usually thousand dollars for corporate bonds the coupon rate is the coupon on the bond / face value soit’s very simple if it’s an eight percent bond has an eight percent coupon rate that means you’re going to get eighty dollars each . very very simply have a sample of a bond here that I kind of made.

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