How To Get People To Like Valuers

we see low interest rates what it means is it increases curability to afford property now we’ve grotto understand the psychology behind buying how much do property valuations cost in Australia just as in buying property in most countries where we see it as the Great Australian Dream the great American dream now affordability or the story goes back probably to the s s and early s so we’ve finished off the Second World.

War and Australia was quite a prosperous nation so all of our workers came backhand and basically we’re quite active interns of building out Australia and that was when the first story about Australians owning their own home and having their quarter acre block or or whatever it may be and driving there holding cars now in the late s early what we actually saw is a trend occurring and that trend was the relationship with property values and incomes okay and why does that relationship exists we’ll take.

it from your point of view if you’re sitting down in your thinking about actually trying to go and buy a property now you go and speak to your mortgage broker and you’ve got an idea in your mind in terms of what it’s going to cost you so you say you know just turn to your partner-and you say well I think we could probably afford to have a loan of, and maybe buy property worth for, okay so you go and sit down talk to your mortgage broker and the first thing they tell you is you can probably borrow as much as , now that scares you initially.